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Published: 07th February 2011
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What is Mobile Spy Software?

Some people may see it as something that came out of a James Bond movie; others see it as tool for protection. Either way, Mobile Spy Software is a reality now and it's becoming a very important part of mobile phones' software.

For those who have not heard of it, Mobile Spy Software is an application that is installed on a mobile phone and allows you to monitor the activities of another mobile phone. The mobile phone on which such application has been installed does not give any icons, signals, or any sort of information of any kind that would allow the user to know that such application has been installed on the phone; thus the "Spy" name. The only person that knows is the one that installs the Mobile Spy Software.

Of course, this software wasn't designed to invade the privacy of others or to break any laws. Otherwise it wouldn't be sold commercially. There are some legal factors that need to be taken into account, but the main one is that you can legally install the software on a mobile that you own.

What this Mobile Spy Software does:

- Allows you to see the numbers that the other phone called and/or received
- Displays the name of the caller and/or who he/she is calling if that number is saved on his/her phone
- Displays how many times a specific number was called
- Displays time, date, and duration of the entire call
- Allows you to read sms, text messages, that are sent and/or received
- All sms, text messages, will be saved on your Mobile Spy Software even if they are erased from the other phone
- You can even track the EXACT location of the phone with GPS Tracking
- Allows you to read all of the numbers saved on the other phone

Who would use Mobile Spy Software? There are many uses for Mobile Spy Software. Couples, parents, and even companies can use this software. You can monitor who your lover is calling and where they have been. If you have feeling they are cheating, hope not, then this is the only way to find out for sure. You can keep track of your kids. You will always know where your kids are, who they called, and what they'll be doing. Finally you can keep track of your employees to insure that company phones are being used for company purposes.

Feel free to check out the Mobile Spy Software.

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